We Love Nightlife

Me and my friends like to party till we drop. We always find time to have fun. We would go on a bar and enjoy. Drinking, smoking and dancing is what we like. Oh yeah smoking is our main hobby. We smoke literally everywhere and every time we feel like smoking.

And we know that it is bad for your health, but we kept on doing it. Do you know the feeling when something is just done involuntary? That is how we feel towards smoking. It is great escape and hobby for us. We adore smoking and we are addicted to it.

Whenever we are partying smoking will always be apart of it. Whether we are drinking or just hanging out. Mind you we are aware of the help hazards what it can give to our body, but we just ignore it and continue smoking wherever we want, whenever we like it. Well that is how we feel, the only reasoning that we put in our head is that, even if you smoke or not smoke you still end up dead. I mean we all die the only thing that is uncertain is when. So, we just continued our happy go luck style and continued smoking whenever we want.

One day when we came across someone who is vaping, and it got our attention. We asked the vaping guy if we can try it and the guy willingly obliged. We tried it and we liked it. He further added that it a healthier alternative to smoking.

Then it was a light-bulb moment for me. This the moment that made me decide that I will quit smoking and I will pursue vaping instead. I am sure though that it will not be an instant thing. That it will be up to me to control myself from returning to smoking and focus on vaping instead.