Happy Family Needs Counseling Too

We are a happy family. My mom, dad and my little brother, we are blessed. We always go on trips and picnics every weekend. My parents are so in love with each other that you can say that they are inseparable. They are sweet towards each other. My father always sees to it that he has a gift for my mother whether it is a flower or a box of chocolate that he brings whenever he comes back from work.

Overall, we are a portrait of a happy family. We are always there for each other and love each other no matter what. I remember when I have my own struggles with my school life, my mom was the first one to reach out and we all talked it out and resolve the problem in our own.

Even though we depict happy family we also have problems that arise in our family. One time my parents had a huge fight about a thing that I cannot recall anymore. My parents did not talk to each other for weeks and us kids were affected by it. The usual things we do together like watching TV as a family or playing video games together were not done anymore.

I went sad and my studies were affected I was not into it anymore. It felt it does not have meaning anymore cause my parents back home are not good terms with each other. I blame myself I don’t know why. I just want my family back. One time I saw a website that offers family counseling and it caught my attention. I opened it to my mother, and I was surprised she too wants solution to the current family problem we have. She opened it with my father and was reluctant at first, but eventually agreed.

We sat there for our first appointment and it was revealing. The counselor was so professional that it was easy to open and talk to him about the family issues that we have. After four sessions our issues were resolved, and we slowly went back to the happy family we used to be. I am glad we have submitted ourselves to counseling. It was the instrument that made as a happy family again.